Life Renewal Retreat
with Uli Fischer

This holiday takes you from Chaos to Clarity.

Your Holiday for Life Leadership and Life renewal

Make your Holiday a first step to break free from stress and stuckness

Does this sound familiar? After the holiday is before the holiday. After just 3 days back to work, you’re absorbed in your daily work routine again – emails, meetings, stress. The relaxation is gone and your life is back to the old way.

But actually you want to get out of this exhausting hamster wheel and your stuckness, which is costing you health, energy and vitality. the first step to Break your life routine is to break your holiday routine.

Press your PAUSE Button!

Escape with this transformative combination of Holiday and Coaching!

  • This Life Renewal Retrat is your ticket to transformation!
  • Discover fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and actionable steps for change
  • Don’t waste time and money with standard holidays, hanging around passively or distracting you from your life change
  • This vacation is effective and is the first step to make life change happen
  • Return home empowered with new perspectives, ideas, and pathways for change
  • During 5 days I will guide you as a skilled and trustworthy coach and mentor through the process of deep reflection and transformative insights
  • The serene environment of the Cypriot mountains, immersed in nature’s tranquility, shifts you into slow-life mode and is perfect for stepping back and letting creativity flow
  • This Renewal Retreat isn’t just meaningful; it’s also profitable with a clear return on investment

If you want a meaningful life, start with a meaningful holiday.

Integrating modern business with ancient wisdom

Uli Fischer - the multi-disciplined Coach

“With over 18 years of experience as a business consultant and project manager, I possess a deep understanding of the corporate landscape, having worked with individuals at all levels.

Over two decades, I’ve frequently used my own holidays as a catalysts for deep introspection and innovative ideation. This is the origin for the idea of the Life Renewal Retreat.

I’ve dedicated my off-time to continuous education, expanding my expertise across various disciplines including business and economics, health and wellness, Eastern philosophies of Shaolin martial arts and spiritual wisdom. This unique and integrated mix of practical experience and diverse knowledge allows me to offer innovative perspectives and solutions applied to real-life challenges.

Today as a transformative coach during my Life Renewal Retreats, I leverage this expertise to guide individuals towards profound personal growth and sustainable change.”


Life Renewal – online (5d)

Choose your own holiday destination with a stable internet connection and you can benefit from the Life Renewal Retreat from any place in the world.

Life Renewal – Cyprus (4hrs)

This is a short but intense quick look on a certain life area. Especially for people in Cyprus.

Life Renewal Intense – Cyprus (5d)

This is a 5 day retreat here in Cyprus, intense as the destination will slow you down and put you in the best state you need for deep reflection and transformative insights.




Du buchst Dir Deinen persönlichen kostenfreien Termin zum Erstgespräch



Uli Fischer spricht mit Dir über Dein Anliegen, um einzuschätzen, wie wir Dich am wirkungsvollsten unterstützen können


online Beratungsgespräch

In einem unverbindlichen Zweitgespräch entwickelt Uli Fischer mit Dir eine  individuelle Lösung in einem kostenlosen 60-minütigen Termin


Auswahl Deines Programms

Du wählst ein passendes Programm: z.B. 1-1 Holiday Retreat, Segel-Retreat oder online Intensiv Begleitung

Trends: The big Quit and Great Resignation

Many are quitting their job!

A new phenomenon has emerged in the world of work in recent months: The “Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit”. More and more employees are quitting their jobs without having a new position in sight. This trend is particularly noticeable in the USA, but is spreading worldwide. There are many reasons for this: many employees have rethought their priorities during the pandemic and no longer want to work in jobs that do not fulfil them. Others feel that they are not sufficiently valued by their employers and therefore want to start a new career.